Retu Jalhan and Founder, Arlene Blake.

Women On The Rise Jacksonville

Women on the Rise began in Orlando, Florida and has now made it's way to Jacksonville. This non-profit organization was formed with the purpose of providing educational empowerment events for women with a focus on women's health, wellness, careers and finance. 

Featured Speakers at each event will discuss real time issues affecting women in our community and will share how they themselves have overcome obstacles within their careers and or personal lives to inspire other women to do the same. 

These events provide an opportunity for like minded women to gather together, network, support and inspire one another. It is needed more than ever for us to "Lean In"  and help women achieve their goals overcoming the relentless goal killer..."FEAR".


We believe that as women we can have it all, and the only person that holds you back from achieveing your dreams... is YOU! We must stay empowered and continually encourage each other to do better, to take risks, to step out on faith and walk like the Deevas that we were destined to be. 


Shine Bright Deevas and Join the Movement!